Meet the Maker

Meet The MakerJennifer is a SoCal beauty, wife of 11 years and mommy of 3. She left a career in the legal field behind to pursue a passion that called her after realizing her oldest child's wardrobe was tired and overplayed. 
In March of 2016, CarrUrHeart officially opened its doors, vowing to shake up children's clothing. For over two years, Jennifer has been dressing kids around the nation and truly changing fashion.
 A mother’s high standard for quality and need for functionality is evident in every item of CarryUrHeart’s line.

The name CarryUrHeart is inspired by EE Cummings poem. Its meaning has evolved for each of us throughout the years and in different stages of our lives. Our brand is built to reflect the love we have for children, mothers, siblings, partners, and close friends and that affection reverberates in every stitch of our product. Thank you for your ongoing support and love. We carry ur heart!

Meet The Maker